Automated buying and selling systems: How does RoFx Work?

Automated buying and selling systems: How does RoFx Work?

RoFx is the team of software developers and traders with 17 years of trading experience.

In 2009, we created the robot and tested it at the world currency market by trading with our own funds. Since 2010, RoFx has started showing positive dynamics. This means the number of successful bids by the robot always exceeds the number of unprofitable ones, so we decided to grant access to the RoFx robot signals to the public to invite investments.

Automated trading programs have undergone some evolution considering they have been added within the mid-2000s. Most individuals feel of foreign exchange robots or professional advisors when a mention is made from automatic trading programs. Despite the fact, the designation of computerised buying and selling methods now goes past the spend of non-public foreign exchange robots. These systems were modified to serve different uses in the currency exchange market.

Today Robot RoFx is open to the public and advantages of its using are obvious. They are:

  • EASY START— There is a trial short-term investment for 60 trading days.
  • DAILY PROFIT— The profit is gained at the end of each trading day (provided that this day is a profitable one).
  • MINIMUM RISKS — The stop-loss system blocks trading at the minimum loss.
  • TRANSPARENCY— There are no hidden fees.
  • DEPOSIT SECURITY GUARANTEE—The reserve fund of the company makes amends.
  • RETURN OF FUNDS— You can get the invested funds back any time.
  • NO LEVERAGE— We are trading only with our own and our investors` funds.
  • 24/7 SUPPORT— The 24/7 customer support and live-chat are available.

David Linden ,Chief Operating Officer, admits: «We started testing the robot by trading with our own fund at the world currency market. It met our expectations almost immediately. Of course we made some settings to achieve better results. Now when the robot`s settings are brought almost to perfection we decided to grant access to its signals to the public to invite investments».

Kind Regards,

RoFx Team

“I recently heard that Bitcoins are not just crypto currency, but they’re also great money making opportunity! Friends told me that this robot automatically trades for you and gets outstanding results. From my experience I can say for sure – RoFX – is the best online investment company!”

Automated buying and selling systems: How does RoFx Work?
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