Why Rofx.net is the Best Bitcoin Trading Bot Compared to Gekko and Zenbot

Forex trading can be a very lucrative and rewarding business. It can also take you down a ruinous financial journey for which you can deeply regret. The difference lies is the mix of skills in this otherwise nerve wracking activity. Being a successful forex trader requires great skill and experience. It is estimated that 95% of forex traders lose their money. That’s just how brutal the sector is. Enter forex trading robots. With advances in technology, pretty much anyone can participate in forex trading and make a profit while at it. Robots are getting better at analysing the markets and making the best trades.

What is a Bitcoin Trading Bot?

Crypto trading bots are algorithms specifically programmed to read trends and execute winning trades in the cryptocurrency market. They interact directly with exchanges like Coinbase through an API, interpret the data and places buy or sell orders.
ROFX advantages
Basically, crypto bots react to market data according to certain pre-programmed rules. Orders, volume, price and time are just some of the parameters monitored by trading bots.
Bots are not new. They have been in use for some time for example in equities.
Even then, they have for a long time been a preserve for corporations and the rich. From simple electronic order books, bots made their way into forex trading and are now very much part of crypto trading.

What to consider when choosing Bitcoin trading robot

Before looking into a few of them and evaluating their capabilities, it is prudent we look at some of the primary considerations when choosing the ultimate bot:
  1. Profitability; the only reason you are getting into Bitcoin trading is to get returns. It is, therefore, of the essence, to choose a bot provided by an organization that has proven to make profits. A good bot company will even offer a trial period for its subscribers for them to test if the bot can meet their strategies and trading goals.
  2. Reliability; bot chose should be provided by an organization renowned for its excellent and fast customer service team as well as demonstrated expertise in dealing with complaints. Every business success is rooted in consistent profits; this is also true for Bitcoin trading. A good bitcoin robot should be able to provide returns consistently.
  3. Ease of use; the bot chose should be user-friendly to the user, may they be an expert in information technology, or, a newbie just interested in making some profits from trading Bitcoin.
  4. Transparency; it’s always advisable to go for a bot provided by a company that offers free information on the strategies ingrained into a bot as well as information on the company itself. This ensures that one is not duped into using shady bots that either expose them to fraud risk or lead to the loss of hard-earned dollars.
Bots are becoming much more cheaper and sophisticated by the day. And they are now more or less universally accessible. Trading robots like the Bloomberg terminal are still very pricy at about $10,000. Luckily, the blockchain technology has opened up the market. It is not uncommon to find completely free and capable bots on offer. We look at a few of them and evaluate their capabilities below.

Gekko review

Gekko trading bot is one of the many crypto bots now available in the market. It is written in one of the most common programming languages, Javascript, running on node.js. Among the 14 exchanges it supports we have the popular; Bitstamp, Poloniex, and, Bitfinex. Among the 14 exchanges it supports we have the popular; Bitstamp, Poloniex, and, Bitfinex. Gekko can either be downloaded to be run on Linux, Windows, MacOS or even Raspberry Pi. This is an entry level open source trading bot that can aggregate live data, price data, calculate indicators and execute trades. It can also develop back-test trading strategies using live data. To ensure results that are close to real market conditions, traders should configure slippage and paper traders’ fee during back-testing.

Gekko trading bot backtest results

Gekko is basically an entry level trading bot for people who are just learning and experimenting on different strategies. This is why right from the onset, the interface is very comfortable and friendly to use. Its functionalities are very limited compared to others already in the market. It does allow users to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities. This is not a high frequency trading bot either but a good place to start for people trying out bitcoin trading bots for the very first time.

How to trade with Gekko trading bot

The first thing one needs to do is backtesting and a lot of paper trading until a strategy aligned to ones trading beliefs and goals has been arrived at. This is true not only when using Gekko but acts as a universal trading rule. For Gekko bot specifically, you need to consider the below for you to make profits consistently:

  • Allow your API keys to be available for use by Gekko. However, it does not need access to withdrawals
  • Gekko should be started either through the command line or the UI at all times
  • Ensure you are fully confident in trading strategy chosen.

The advantages of using this bot:

  • Multiple communication channels for the update, including telegram and email.
  • Software updates regularly
  • Paper as well as live trading modules
  • Simple and friendly user interface
  • This bot can run on all the major operating systems; Linux, windows, and, macOS

The cons of using Gekko:

  • The details available for back-testing results are not exhaustive
  • This is a low-frequency trading bot that does not take advantage of arbitrage trades.
  • During the trading day, not a single transaction can be opened (the frequency changes, but on average this trading bot opens 5-6 times fewer transactions than Zenbot);
  • Installation process can be complicated for some traders (Gekko requires nodejs & git)
  • The bot is intended only for earning Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Traders should note that there are limited preconfigured strategies with Gekko; one creates their trading strategies.

For those willing to pay, Gekko has a premium bot under the name Gekko plus which has more features available to traders.

Zenbot review

Zenbot is also an open source trading software. This means it can be downloaded for free on Github and modified. The main advantage of this crypto bot is that it supports multiple cryptocurrency trading such as Kraken, Gemini, Poloniex, Quadriga, GDAX, and Bittrex. With this multi-exchange program support, Zenbot ensures traders dealing with multiple cryptocurrencies do so more effectively and in lesser time.
The general strategy is based on technical analysis of the markets with extensive backtesting, high frequency trading. A paper trading function for testing strategies in real time is also in place.
Tests have however shown a discrepancy between live trading and paper trading. Users have reported making losses in live trading when in fact paper trading shows gains.
The developer warns against putting in large amounts of capital into the bot. Updates to the platform can take several months meaning it is at a major disadvantage compared to other competitors. A good zenbot review reveals that it is not the best if you are looking at minimizing risk and making a profit. You definitely might want to think twice before deciding to choose zenbot for bitcoin trading.

How to start trading crypto with Zenbot

You can start using this trading bot after installation from the Zenbot Github repository. To do this, go to the portal and follow the further instructions. An automated trading system is installed on computer devices running the Linux, MacOS and Windows operating systems. But the system is not implemented in the format of ready-made software. And this is just a set of scripts that are written for specific market conditions. Therefore, many novice users may have difficulty activating this trading bot.

The pros of using this bot:

  • Supports multi-cryptocurrency trading.
  • An array of notification services.
  • Zenbot can be used to build conversational bots due to its unique syntax that is well versed in semantics, grammar, and context.
  • Supports the use of JS in building on the code, enabling traders to take advantage of complex logic and execute them for a trading advantage.

The cons of using Zenbot:

  • It’s a command-line based robot with no actual user interface hence not very friendly.
  • The back-testing process is slow and tedious.
  • Has been accused of incurring massive losses.
  • Unreliability; this bot has been known to offer highly inconsistent results between paper trading and live trading.

Traders should learn how to leverage the high-frequency trading offered by this bot against the huge losses associated with it to ensure that the bottom line is a profit and not a loss.

So why Rofx is better than Gekko and Zenbot?

Unlike other markets, the cryptocurrency market never sleeps. This can be highly stressful for traders who need to always be in the know. They need to constantly see and interpret the markets and make that winning trade. But traders need to sleep sometimes. Which is why trading bots come in hand.
Rofx.net is a fully automated trading robot. This means there is no need for any intervention from you. Rofx.net levels the ground for beginners and experts alike. If you are a beginner, you can start earning passive income from cryptocurrency trading right away while knowing close to nothing about trading. For experts, automated trading takes off the pressure of always having to stare at the charts all day.
Robots can see an unlimited number of trading signals and execute buy and sell orders. Humans can’t simply match the speeds and will inevitably miss many opportunities to make profit.

Constant Profit

Rofx.net is one of the few trading robots that have proven themselves in the market. Rofx.net has been around for more than 9 years and getting better at making profits for its users. In 2017, customers made more than 100% profit. If you look at the charts, Rofx.net has been posting better results each coming year from about 88% per cent when it started out. The average profit per day is 0.38% or 10% every month. This is just about the best crypto trading bot ever made.
Since it is automated, the robot can send signals to an unlimited number of trading accounts that are linked to it.

No charges

Unlike many other trading platforms, Rofx.net does not charge any fee for withdrawals. Withdrawal fees and other arbitrary charges place a very high burden on traders. The good news is that you can escape this yoke with Rofx.net trading robot.

No Losses

When you use Rofx.net, the developers assure you that you will make no losses. That might sound superfluous but it’s actually true. Of course the robot is not perfect. None is. There are a few days it will make a few losses. But the company maintains an reserve exactly to cover for such scenarios. It takes a high level of confidence in its systems for Rofx.net to provide such reassurance. Rofx.net places minimum risk trades and has a stop loss system that allows it to exit trades with minimal losses.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

In the fast changing world, it takes more than an algorithm to turn in a profit. You need the constant input from trading experts. But artificial intelligence is one of the most important ingredient to a trading robot. Rofx.net has AI built into it to constantly learn and modify its strategies on the go.

Easy transfers and simple user interface

You can load your using Visa/MasterCard and bank transfer. You can also enjoy one-day bitcoin funding.
Rofx.net comes with a simple, easy to use interface. Newbie will have not trouble navigating the high contrast and self explanatory site.

Best Bitcoin Trading Bot

The combination of the clear advantages above easily makes Rofx.net the best bitcoin trading bot for bitcoin. The combination of automatic trading, artificial intelligence makes Rofx.net one of the most advanced bitcoin trading bots. With loss coverage, it is not difficult to see why this is the best bitcoin trading bot currently in the market.

Why Rofx.net is the Best Bitcoin Trading Bot Compared to Gekko and Zenbot
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