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Everyday, we seek to improve financial security for people. RoFx people and values are the foundation of our company and the reason for our long-term success.

  • We behave with non-negotiable integrity.
  • We have a genuine focus on our people, including family, community, and individual goals.
  • We strive to exceed client expectations.

Pursuing a rewarding career while prioritizing family and outside interests is important at RoFx. Here are some ways we provide for a balanced lifestyle.

Creative minds never stop learning. We provide education assistance and offer several programs for professional development.

Our medical and retirement benefits continue to be competitive within the industry.



Job Requirements & candidate details

• working with the Strategy and UX/UI Design teams as well as customer organizations to design and implement solutions
• designing, developing and productizing components and services that make up our Digital Rig a fully automated platform and CD stack we use to bootstrap and accelerate Customer Journey Engineering
Apply and improve appropriate methodologies and toolsets
• complete solutions by coordinating, communicating, and contributing to team meetings and customer engagements.
• explore up-and-coming technologies and software products seize learning and knowledge sharing opportunities maintain personal networks participate in professional organizations. Read teach learn.
• enhance the groups reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests exploring opportunities to add value.
• support the team by providing advice, coaching, and educational opportunities

• 8-10 YEARS Experience Required in Architecting Solution Architecture
• web Services, Security, Analytics, Value Analysis-Value engineering
• continuous delivery, continuous integration, build and pipeline automation
• cloud and automation technologies, e.g. Amazon Web Services, Ansible / Chef / Puppet
·Software design and systems architecture
• Front end and mobile / device technologies – the usual suspects
• developer-centric ops technologies – monitoring, log aggregation, alerting



Job Requirements & candidate details
• will manage the electrical and mechanical aspects of building data centers (infrastructure), such as power, cooling, cabling, etc. Could come from an architectural engineering firm who has done this kind of work.
• will also be responsible for assisting in the development of a mission critical engineering function, i.e. experience in electrical and mechanical mission critical infrastructure, facility tier levels, construction, commissioning, and working with critical facility maintenance.
• should have skills of power and cooling management in raised floor spaces to include allocation of power for server racks, raised floor cooling design, energy efficient data center design and integration of building management systems.
• should bridge the gap between the business requirements for physical data center space as we expand internationally and the vendors providing that space whether it is brand new construction or existing colocation space.
• should be extremely proficient with design drawings, submittals, and specifications to ensure the owners needs have been met with the design that will produce the least amount of change through a construction process.
• to ensure the appropriate execution of responsibilities, the candidate will be required to work closely with counterparts and across organizational structures, building strong relationships that establish credibility to both strategy and operations.



You will be joining a high tech international business and a dedicated team of engineers well-versed in packet and flow analysis as applied to network-based security and forensics. If you’ve deployed and troubleshot enterprise firewalls, been a security admin long enough to realize properly-designed automation isn’t an insecure concept, you should consider applying.

Job Requirements & candidate details
• 10+ years’ experience
• Having mastered firewalls, extremely comfortable validating, stress-testing, and working with next-gen firewall and packet inspection technology.
• Architecture, deployment, and support of enterprise network security and engineering systems including NetFlow, and 2FA.
• Lead or be heavily engaged in topics regarding large-scale network monitoring, automation, and tools development.
• Advocate and execute proper change management principles to ensure high network availability and reliability.
• Leverage, interpret, and rely on packet and flow analysis tools to drive troubleshooting, visibility, and root cause analysis of anomalies.
• Effectively communicate to senior org management, mentor other managers, engineers, and teams.



Job Requirements & candidate details

• the development and rapid delivery of next-generation digital products and prototypes
• embracing and incubating emerging technology and open source products
• collaboration with various partners in the tech, startup and academic ecosystems; ability to provide a logical framework to support conclusions and ideas. Communicate effectively with partners and customers to implement ideas and visualize them
• seeding and extending innovation into the greater organization to develop key talent, consistent with that of a leading technology company
• technical leadership: the ability to inspire your teammates to deliver quality software solutions
• innovative thinking with a passion for problem-solving & intellectual curiosity
• great attitude, team player and energy amplifier. Flexible and adaptable to changing priorities and technologies
• insatiable hunger to learn and code on new technologies
• knowledge of Front End web development for Web and Mobile apps
• Java and surrounding technologies including APIs, Cloud, Big Data and open source technologies
• database concepts and working knowledge
• understanding of SDLC and experience developing in an Agile environment
• understanding of HTML5 (Web Workers, Web Sockets, Canvas, Local Storage)
• understanding of CSS3 and responsive design concepts



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