No Lock package

Dear Customers! Based on your multiple requests, and due to Christmas and New Year Holidays, we would like to have you informed that RoFx extends subscription to No Lock packages till February 11, 2020. We strive for excellence in our service, constantly improving it as to conform to your highest standards. RoFx Team

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dear RoFx Customers! From RoFx Team, we'd like to say thank you for your continued loyalty and faith in us. We value each and every one of our Customers and cannot express our gratitude enough for your ongoing support. It's been amazing working with you in 2019 and we hope we can continue doing business [...]

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RoFx celebrates it’s 11th anniversary!

Dear Customers! Today RoFx Team celebrates its 11th Anniversary. We glad to share this happy moment with our valued Customers! We have grown a lot since 2008, from a small team of enthusiasts into an international company that has brought together hundreds of professionals worldwide. RoFx has accomplished a lot together with its Customers, making [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Dear Customers! This Thanksgiving we want to share our genuine appreciation with you. RoFx Team is so grateful for all of your cooperation and support throughout the year. Our team has really enjoyed serving you this year, and we wanted to share our heartfelt appreciation. Working with Customers like you is what makes our job [...]

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RoFx Introduces special “NO LOCK-NO LIMIT” Package

By popular request from our Customers, we are thrilled to introduce a special “NO LOCK-NO LIMIT” Package. Starting from May 1, 2019 you are welcome to subscribe to a New “NO LOCK - NO LIMIT” Package. “NO LOCK-NO LIMIT” Package Benefits: There is no lock period. You are able to withdraw your start deposit and [...]

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RoFx makes a VIP PAMM package available to everyone

By popular demand, the highly beneficial VIP PAMM package is now available to everyone. Customer is capable of opening an account in his name at his preferred brokerage with a total control over his assets and transferring the funds directly to brokerage. Moreover, the Customer can withdraw funds (either profit or start deposit or both) [...]

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RoFx Opens a New Hong Kong Office

RoFx is proud to announce the opening of a new Hong Kong office and present a Chinese version of the website Due to the consistent growth in business during the past few years, we are delighted to expand our business on the Asian market.  RoFx is opening the new office in Hong Kong Trade Centre, [...]

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Why do traders from all over the world choose the ROFX platform for Forex trading?

According to official statistics, 95% of novice traders face the problem of losing the initial deposit (sooner or later). It happens to lack of experience and some professionalism. You can look over dozens of books, get through online courses and view many videos on exchange trading. You can also fully explore several trading strategies. But [...]

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RoFx trading results are tracked on MyFxbook

We are thrilled to announce that from now on the RoFx trading performance is tracked on MyFxbook.Implementing a transparency and reliability policy, RoFx has granted access to trading results to the public. By popular demand, the live trading activity is now available on MyFxbook.Myfxbook is the professional automatic verification system, where the RoFx trading performance [...]

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