Trading Period of Advanced Compound Package is reduced

Dear Customers, Based on thousands of your requests, we are glad to inform you that trading period of the most popular Advanced Compound Package is permanently reduced to 190 trading days. Choose your Advanced Compound Package here We strive for excellence in our service, constantly improving it as to conform to your highest standards. Sincerely [...]

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Advanced compound package is available FOREVER

Dear Customers, RoFx Company always tries to heed your requests and serve your needs, thus we are happy to make one of the most popular packages - the Advanced compound package available FOREVER! Unlike the Basic packages, Profit Compound or Add Funds options do not roll over trading period of the Advanced Compound Package. Also, [...]

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RoFx trading process is not affected by Covid-19

We want to assure our Customers that Coronavirus epidemic that caused markets fall does not affect our profitability, because RoFx trading success does not depend on market trend vector. We can confidently declare that now RoFx is one of the best strategies for investing in context with situation formed in the world. We pray for [...]

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SPRING PROMOTION: Advanced Compound Package

Dear Customers, RoFx understands the importance of Customer satisfaction and applies maximum efforts to operate on the highest service level. We would like to bring to your attention the NEW Advanced Compound Package that allows profit compounding without updating the trading period. That is one of the most frequent Customers' requests :-) In Advanced Compound Package [...]

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No Lock package is available FOREVER

Dear Customers, RoFx Company always tries to heed your requests and serve your needs, thus we are happy to make the No Lock Package Offer available FOREVER! Choose your No Lock package here We value each and every Customer and strive to comply with your highest standards. Best Regards, RoFx Team [email protected] +44-20-3936-1401 (UK) +1-888-631-2337 [...]

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RoFx Introduces special “NO LOCK-NO LIMIT” Package

By popular request from our Customers, we are thrilled to introduce a special “NO LOCK-NO LIMIT” Package. Starting from May 1, 2019 you are welcome to subscribe to a New “NO LOCK - NO LIMIT” Package. “NO LOCK-NO LIMIT” Package Benefits: There is no lock period. You are able to withdraw your start deposit and [...]

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RoFx makes a VIP PAMM package available to everyone

By popular demand, the highly beneficial VIP PAMM package is now available to everyone. Customer is capable of opening an account in his name at his preferred brokerage with a total control over his assets and transferring the funds directly to brokerage. Moreover, the Customer can withdraw funds (either profit or start deposit or both) [...]

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RoFx Opens a New Hong Kong Office

RoFx is proud to announce the opening of a new Hong Kong office and present a Chinese version of the website Due to the consistent growth in business during the past few years, we are delighted to expand our business on the Asian market.  RoFx is opening the new office in Hong Kong Trade Centre, [...]

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