Trading platform V2.0 is available for everyone

Dear Customers, We are happy to announce that starting from June 2, 2021 trading platform V2.0 (average daily performance is 0.97%) is available for everyone. Also we are glad to inform that till the end of 2021 subscription to Advanced Compound V2.0 package is available with the following profit allocation model: ACP V2.0 USD, EUR, [...]

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Regarding switch to ACP V2.0

Dear Customers, In relation to your multiple inquiries we would like to specify that for approved requests to switch to Advanced Compound V 2.0, profit allocation model of the package remains as follows: ACP V2.0 USD, EUR, BTC Profit share, % Performance fee, % Trial 50 50 Easy Start 60 40 Moneymaker 75 25 Gold [...]

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Exclusive opportunity for loyal long term Customers only

Dear Customers, Starting from 11th and till 27th of May, 2021 ONLY our loyal long term Customers have exclusive opportunity to make a request to switch their packages (all types) to the New AI trading platform V2.0 (Advanced Compound Package V2.0). Package currency remains the same. Sincerely Yours, RoFx Team

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Trading Days Reduction and Manual Trading Period Selection

Dear Customers, We always consider your suggestions and ideas carefully. Some of the most numerous requests have always been to decrease the trading days of the packages and the possibility of manual selection of a trading period, so we labeled it as a high-priority task. We are proud to announce that we decrease the trading [...]

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Trading Days Reduction

Dear Customers, We are always moving towards suggestions of our Customers. The most numerous request was to decrease the trading days period of the packages. We took it into consideration as one of our primary tasks, and have been deliberately working towards it. Now, we are happy to announce the trading days reduction of ALL [...]

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Trading Period of Advanced Compound Package is reduced

Dear Customers, Based on thousands of your requests, we are glad to inform you that trading period of the most popular Advanced Compound Package is permanently reduced to 190 trading days. Choose your Advanced Compound Package here We strive for excellence in our service, constantly improving it as to conform to your highest standards. Sincerely [...]

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