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For many years, starting out in Forex trading meant enduring a long apprenticeship alongside an experienced trader. You needed to learn how the markets work, how to make trades and develop your strategy. But not everyone wants to trade as a full-time profession or must spend years studying. The development of auto trading has solved this problem – no longer do you need training and experience to start trading. Out of the auto trading robots, the best Forex robot is Here is a review of the website and a look at why it ranks top in Forex robot reviews.

Why use auto trading?

Before we start looking at the robot in question, let’s take a quick look at why you might want to use an automated top Forex robot website in the first place.

One of the significant advantages is that the software removes the human element from the process. Sure, your ‘gut feeling’ is a wonderful thing and can be very useful throughout life, but in trading, it can get in the way of success. Robots using complex algorithms don’t need a ‘gut feeling’ – they can near instantly assess information, make decisions based on algorithms and get the best results without the need for emotional entanglements.

The use of this kind of software opens trading to anyone. Of course, some expert traders might view this as a negative, but as more people want to try exchanging in different ways, this kind of software allows them to do this.

Forex trading robots’ comparison

When you start to look for the best robot for Forex trading, a couple of factors will quickly stand out with the best software. For starters, there are lots of claims of exceedingly high percentages of winning trades out there that look amazing – but the best Forex trading software will always offer stats to back up these claims.

In fact, the only Forex robots in the world to rely on are those who have a long track record of successful trades. Sure, any software can make a sudden series of successful trades in a few days. But what you want is a reliable, repeatable robot that uses principles from the best currency trading software – and has been doing so for a long time.

ROFX advantages

Why choose ROFX?

ROFX runs an example of the ultimate Forex trading software – trading is done automatically using robots that are programmed by humans, and they have been running since 2010. Here are six reasons why you should consider this software over the competition.

1. AI inside

The robots are running behind the scenes working with human programmers but also with artificial intelligence. By having AI built in to the software, it is continually learning and evolving. It can learn from the trades it makes and from new strategies that surface, as well as from additional information provided by programmers.

2. Cover losses is one of the few sites to offer a ‘cover losses’ guarantee for its customers. We can do this as we don’t use leverage and only make trades with our money and that of our customers. We also have a reserve fund to cover losses – you may not make a profit, but you won’t take a loss.

3. 0,38% average daily profit is one of the most profitable Forex robot software available and has been conducting successful trades for over seven years. It means that the operators have a bank of knowledge and experience to use as well as the AI within the software to get the best profits possible.

4. One of the best exchange rates on the market

The site offers one of the best exchange rates on the market so that customers can quickly make the most of the money they trade with and the profit that they make from those trades.

5. Same day withdrawal of your funds

Gone are the days of waiting around for set periods or specific dates to makes withdraws. The site allows you to draw out your money when you want and offers same day withdrawal. So, if you make a profit this morning, you can withdraw it from the site this afternoon.

6. No withdrawal fees

There is also no withdrawal fee for taking your money from the site. also operates a clear and transparent fees policy that means you will always know what costs are involved in each transaction you make.

7. Bonus point: Easy to work with

One bonus extra point – the software is designed so that anyone can use it. People with no previous experience in Forex can start using the software. Typically, only 1 in 100 novice traders make a profit in the Forex market because there is so much to learn but with ROFX, the trades are automated, and you can learn as you go. There are no complicated charts and piles of data to wade through before you get started.

Conclusion is the ideal solution for trades of all levels. The newcomer can beat the odds and start making a profit quickly while more experienced traders can use their knowledge, combined with the software, to increase their profits. Anyone can try their hand at Forex trading, and there is plenty of data to study for those who like to learn about what is going on. And with the stop-loss protection, you can trade with confidence that your money is in safe hands.

Discover Why is the Best Forex Robot
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