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RoFx is the team of software developers and traders with significant experience in the international currency and financial markets. In 2009, we created the robotic system and tested it in real trading. The RoFx robot has been demonstrating positive trading dynamics since 2010. This means that over the past 8 years the number of successful bids significantly exceeds the number of unprofitable ones. In 2010, we decided to grant access to the RoFx signals to the public to invite investments and thus to increase the company’s working capital.

The RoFx robot is a complex innovative system that helps you trade on FOREX without knowing anything about trading. The robot algorithms are set to analyze the market on the 24/7 basis and to make bids with a minimum risk. Therefore, RoFx brings regular dividends to its customers. The robot can also automatically send its trading signals to the unlimited number of linked accounts.

The RoFx robot is for anyone who wants to make money and to get a stable passive income on FOREX but has neither trading experience in the international currency and financial markets, nor time.

The RoFx robot has started showing positive dynamics since 2010. This means that over the past 8 years the number of successful bids made by the robot significantly exceeds the number of unprofitable ones. Today, more than 23,000 people around the world are trading with RoFx. Following the links, you can read their feedback and traiding statistics.

The stop-loss system is set to minimize your losses on bad days. The company uses no leverage. This means the company never borrows money and is trading only with its own funds and its customers` funds, which significantly minimizes the trading risks.
The company guarantees the safety of your funds. This means that when the company suffers a loss its customers make no profit, and any losses are compensated from the reserve fund of the company. To read more about the compensation system go to Terms and Conditions.

Only registered users can review the detailed trading statistics. If you already have an account with us you can view the analytics there. If you are a new user you can sign up now. It will take about 5 minutes of your time.

Yes, you can monitor all the robot actions in your personal account. Please register now.

RoFx is the international automated trading solution. Our project team comes from more than a dozen of countries, and as a result, our offices are located all over the world, most of them are data centres. At the same time, you can contact us any time either by phone, or using our live chat on the website. Besides, we annually arrange conferences for our VIP clients whose accounts balance start from $10,000,000. You can apply for the conference by contacting us.

To avoid any fraud from unfair competitors, we provide the company documents only to the registered users. If you have an account on RoFx you can get the documents by sending your request to the support team.

RoFx is the company with a numerous staff. There are software developers, traders, accountants, lawyers, and support team. All these people ensure the robot trouble-free operation and upgraded algorithms. They are working every day, so that the RoFx robot would properly operate and the system would bring best trading signals which make money for registered users. Another part of fee makes up the salary for these people. A part of the fee forms the reserve fund to cover unsuccessful trades . Also, approximately 10% of profit is always donated to charity purposes .To read about our charity projects go to charity.

No. Our company doesn’t charge any fees for withdrawing funds from your RoFx account. Note: Banks may charge fees for funds transfers. Please contact your bank directly for more information.

Trading (copying) of trade signals is completely halal, as it is based on the Islamic Mudaraba contract. It is a model of participation in profit, the rate of which varies from day to day depending on the results of trades. Provisions of contract are based on Islamic law, according to it the payment of fixed income on invested capital (for e.g., as interest rate) is strictly prohibited. According to the contract, the client delegates the company to copy the trading signals automatically into its trading account. The realized profit on successful trades is divided between the client and the company in accordance with the proportion that specified in the contract.

In case of a negative result, the size of the reserve fund (formed including client’s funds) is reduced. If there is no profit, RoFx does not require a penalty. This allows both the company and the client to make a profit without violating standards and guidelines of Shariah law regarding the collection or payment of credit interest.

Specific feature of Islamic investment is the mandatory of charity contributions. In this way, when all the company’s main expenses are paid, some percentage of the remaining money is directed to charitable contributions or «zakat». Our Islamic lawyers concluded that to speed up the payment of «zakat» it is possible to calculate the difference between the market value of the portfolio at the beginning and at the end of each year by the Gregorian calendar and pay as «zakat» 10.3% (10% by the lunar calendar year) from this difference, if it is positive.

In addition, our activities are not related to the alcoholic business, cultivation of pork, organization of entertainment, production and sale of weapons, financial institutions whose operating principles are in contradiction with Shariah Islamic Law. Namely, we do not use leverage and do not attract credit funds, also we do not raise borrowed funds and we do not lend, therefore we do not have account receivables.

That’s why, the income received with RoFx Company absolutely conforms to norms of Islamic law.

RoFx works with Bitcoin, because electronic currencies allow to achieve transparency – all transactions are recorded in the registry (blockchain) that everyone can check. Stock exchanges for bitcoins have recently appeared in a number of Muslim countries. For example, BitOasis, based in the UAE and offering services in Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. There are similar platforms in the Southeast Asia region, such as Bitcoin Indonesia and Coinbox in Malaysia, which offer services related to Bitcoin. The founder of the Blossom Finance system in Indonesia, Muslim Matthew Martin, like our Islamic lawyers, considers that Bitcoin is halal (permissible) as a payment system. In fact, Bitcoin goes beyond what the banking system offers. It gives no guarantee that the initiator owns the assets. Bitcoin with mathematical precision guarantees that the initiator of the transaction owns the basic assets. Thus, Bitcoin can be used as a more suitable means for intermediate storage of value in the Islamic banking and financial system, rather than supporting usurious fiat currency of central banks. Benefits are shown itself especially during non-bank, small or international trade.

Therefore, our Islamic lawyers believe that the use of Bitcoin and other Internet currencies completely conforms to Islamic norms.

You can withdraw your available balance any time. In case you make a withdrawal when your package has expired, bank comission is payed by our company. In case of non-expired packages profit withdrawals, bank commission SHOULD BE payed by the recipient. RoFx doesn`t charge ANY commission from withdrawals.

“I am more than satisfied with the robot RoFx. Somehow it can forsee all the possible consequences in advance. Its system is set only for profitable trades. For me it is enough to know that I can make profit each day on best investment options. Moreover it is so user-friendly! The whole process is online. I don`t have to go anywhere. I opened an account online, invested online, withdrew money online, and the money arrived securely to my bank account. Everything is great! Thank you RoFx for making my investment experience so easy!”




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