Will Make Money for You on the Forex Market

Every day we hear stories about people who get rich while trading currencies and then living their dream life. From one day to another there are news about successful traders leaving their jobs behind because they earn enough money trading forex. Make money on Forex, it is easy, right? 

Well, it is not true at all. Of course, you can be a professional trader who lives on a paradisiacal island while working a couple of hours per day, taking a glass of wine every night. However, it is a hard thing to achieve as Forex trading is not an easy job.

According to a joint 14-year study conducted by the University of California and Peking University about trader’s performance in the Taiwan stock market, 75% of all participants quit after two years, and 90% of individuals traders are gone after four years.

In Forex, the number is even more dramatic as 95% of traders is known that lose their accounts in just one year. No matter how many months you spend in a demo account before going live, but Forex is hard and market situations changes every single day.However, not everyone loses money in Forex as there are successful traders that make their living through the foreign exchange market and know how to make money with Forex.

If you want to be a successful trader, you will need to learn the art of trading and also, you will have to spend thousands of hours in front of charts to understand every single situation in the Forex market.

At the top of it, even if you have a winning strategy, you will have to be in front of your laptop several hours per day just waiting for the right signal before entering into the market.

Yes, a lot of work.

Forex trading requires a lot of tact. In stocks trading, you can afford to make a wrong trade decision and not get punished by losing your money, as long as you continue to hold the stock (s) in question. This is because stocks are tangible assets. In forex there is no tangible asset. A currency is traded as a CFD and it is possible to lose all your money and some. That is why many forex traders still have their fingers in cold water after getting them burnt trading forex the old way.

How to make money in forex without actually trading

Most successful forex traders need to set apart at least two hours of dedicated trading time every day in order to make steady profits, but what if I tell you that a robot can help you to make money in Forex with actually no trading at all.

Today, we are going to study the RoFx software, a Forex robot that will make money for you in the foreign exchange market. is a service that will catapult you into forex profits without you placing a single trade. It is a fully automated service that also guarantees you profit of about 0.38% of your account daily. It is a wise decision to invest in forex without trading because you will avoid most of the common mistakes new traders make earlier on in their career.


What is forex trading

ROFX advantages

The Foreign Exchange market, also known as Forex, FX or currency trading, is a decentralized global market that includes all the currencies in the world that are tradable. Forex is the largest, most liquidity and one of the most volatile markets in the world with over 5 trillion dollars in assets, I meant currencies.

However, what is really forex? Well, imagine you are in the European Union and want to go to the United States for a two weeks vacation. As you may know it, in the European Union you pay and purchase goods and services with Euro, but in the United States, the currency is another, the dollar.

So, you will need to buy some dollars in your local bank in Europe. This is a foreign exchange transaction. You buy a currency and pay with another at the exchange price that your bank fixes.

It is the basic of foreign exchange, and it happens every day, second and in every country. As people travel, they will need to sell and buy currencies.

So, with the technological revolution and the advent of computers and software, brokers and exchanges started offering forex trading as an investment option.

When talking about forex trading, we are speaking about the systematic exchange of currencies in a broker platform. You never have the physical note or coin, but you can buy and sell spot prices of every currency.

Is forex trading profitable?

Forex trading is a difficult job if you want to become rich. But yes, it is profitable, and you can make thousands of dollars.

However, Forex is one of the most volatile markets in the world, so you will need to know how to trade forex right if you don’t want to get burned and lose your money.

Like any other investment business, Forex has its inherent risks due to the liquidity and the nature of the market. So you have to understand the synergies, technical situations and fundamental variables to make money and to stand a chance against the market.

What can you do to make money on Forex?

There are two options, one is to learn how to trade it right, and the other is searching for a trading robot and use it wisely.

Depending on your situation, both options can be considered suitable for you. If you love the adrenaline of opening and closing positions by yourself, please go ahead and learn the art of forex trading and then, open an account and trade.

However, if you don’t have time or you are not an expert in Forex at all, you can explore Experts Advisors or a trustable Trading robot such as Rofx that will make money for you.

We do recommend to do both ways so you will have a diversified portfolio. It is like never putting all your eggs in the same basket. So, you don’t want to have everything in the same situation where you can lose everything at the same time.

Long story short, Forex trading is profitable, otherwise, it wouldn’t be popular, but you should do it right. How? Learning all the stuff that you should understand, spending hours every day in front of your computers and following others who can give you their advice.

There are many so-called forex gurus out there who claim to have the secrets of how to make money with forex trading. Some of them even offer very expensive signals services, or sell trading robots with unverifiable trade results. But how many of them can literally put their money where their mouths are? Can anyone of these self-professed gurus guarantee their methods to the extent of promising a no-loss situation for their traders? You will be hard pressed finding one.

Also, you can subscribe to a software that will make money for you, even with no trading!

What to know to make money with Forex

Many people ask the same question: what should I know to make money in Forex? Well, you should know thousands of details.

ForexLive chief editor Adam Button once said that “there’s an edge in knowing every tidbit of news.” Well, in Forex it is not only the news but also the technical factors, the chart patterns and finally, the sentiment market in every currency.

Is it easy? No way! However, you can do it. What many people do is to get experience and become a master of one single strategy. Know it and trade it to perfection. Complicate, but it is possible.

Forex 101

Currency Majors

So, what you should know in Forex? Let’s comment a short glossary about the basics of Forex.

Currency Majors: In the Forex market, there are four major currencies that group most of the trading volume in the industry. The most valuable currency is the US Dollar, the king of Forex and global reserve.

The Euro, the British Pound, the Japanese Yen, and the Swiss Franc are also considered as major currencies.

Then, minors dollars as Canadian Dollars, also known as Loonie, the Australian Dollar, the Aussie, and the New Zealand Dollar, the kiwi, are the group of eight more traded currencies in the Forex market.

Exotic currencies: Any currency outside of the four majors, EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and USD/CHF, and the minor dollars are considered exotic pairs. Crosses like USD/MXN, USD/ZAR, or CNY/COP are exotics.

Pip: Pip is the smallest measure of change in a currency pair. It is an acronym of Point In Percentage, and it is usually the last digit in a pair number.

Interest rate differentials: In economy, central banks decide interest rates for every nation, so, when a bank has an interest rate which is higher than its peer in another country, it is called interest rate differentials. Usually, the currency with the higher interest rate tends to appreciate against the other which has lower rates.

Long: In Forex, when you buy a currency against another in a pair it is known as going long. For example, if you buy the Euro in the EUR/USD, you are long in Euro, and short in Dollar, and vice-versa.

Short: Taking the previous example, when you sell euros against dollars in the EUR/USD, you are short in Euro and long in Dollar.

How to make money in forex without wasting time

Forex is a very profitable investment is you do it right. As Kenny Rogers said in his song, the gambler, the secret to surviving is knowing what to throw away, what to keep. “Cause every hand’s a winner, and every hand’s a loser.”

So, if you want to be an always winner, you should know every bit of the forex environment before trading. But, what if you don’t actually have time to learn everything neither to trade around two or three hours every single day?

Well, there is a way to make money in forex with actually no trading from yourself. It is called trading robots. Yes, the revolution of software in trading is here, and it is working.

Forex Robots: easy way to make money but still having a life

As Forex is one of the most volatile markets in the world, there are opportunities to make money every single minute. However, it would be hard for you to take profit of that if you don’t have the understanding of the synergies in the foreign exchange.

At the top of it, in the case you have learned how to trade Forex, you will still have to dedicate many hours in front of the chart just waiting for a signal. So, what to do?

With the advent of the technological revolution, fintech companies developed softwares that replicate Forex strategies. Imagine a computer program where you add your strategy setup, and it can work 24 hours the five weekdays.

Magnificent, your opportunities will be exponentially multiplied.

Developers around the world identified a business niche where they can code forex experts’ strategies and allow main street people to take profits of robots with actually no trading skills.

So, IT guys teamed up with forex experts to develop systematic strategies into software code that can run settings automatically in charts. The outcome was a significant number of trading robots. However, how to know which is the best robot in the market?

Successful traders use software and trading robots

People tend to misunderstand trading robots and software. They do see robots as something dark that can be a tool for bad things. But actually, it is quite the opposite.

Many successful traders use robots and software to support their trading in any market. Some people have robots as trading assistants, and others implement it as a trader itself.

In the financial world, there are many experts advisors and trading robots. The offering is vast, but I am pretty sure you don’t have time to test every single robot; So, how can you know which the right robot for you is?

Let’s see the things you should know to choose a trading robot wisely.

How the robot works: Check and try to understand how the robot works and know what the magic potion that makes the robot works is. The company will not reveal all the secrets, but a simple explanation about the singularities of the algorithm and where the robot takes profit is useful. Never trade what you don’t understand.

The team behind the software: Do your homework and check who are the people behind the product. Is it a reliable team with a strong background on finances and software development?

Track record: It is true that past performances can’t guarantee future profits; however, how the robot did in the last weeks, months, and years is an indicator of what it can do. Check for its historical results, how many pips it did  in average and how the robot cut losses.

Platform: Always open a demo account and test the software before start trading on real. It is your money, so you need to protect it. Also, understand the platform and know every detail and feature provided.

Reviews and opinions: Read what other people say about the robot and the team behind, and know more about their experience with the company, the software, and the money. Check deposits and withdrawals stories.

Customer service: Finally, talk with the company and make as many questions as you have. Your experience with the customer service will tell you how the company thinks about its clients, and it could show you how your interaction with the company will be in the future.

Forex Robots: The time solution

So, forex trading robots are here to help you to save money and time. There are robots such as the Rofx that do everything for you and actually make money for you. You can make money in Forex with no trading skills or time in front of the charts.

The revolution is here. Now you need to understand how robots work, test your options and bet on your choices.

Rofx will make money for you on the Forex Market

Annual Profit Schedule

RoFx is an easy-to-use software that provides daily profits with minimum risks. The RoFx robot was designed in 2009, and it started to trade on real in 2010. Since then, it has been providing profits steadily.

The team behind the software is a group of traders, financial experts and software developers that joined forces to design this revolutionary automated forex trading robot based on a neural network.

The software uses a self-learning neural network that allows the system to improve itself while trading. It learns with every trade and with every market situation and improves itself every single day.

The service does all the work for you, letting you have the time to focus on other aspects of your wealth. It is immensely convenient to register for this service and deposit after selecting your package. The fully automated trading solution does not involve complex decision making processes and eliminates the endless pressure of waking up at awkward hours to check how your trades are doing. It is the perfect fit for those who do not have the experience and mentorship in forex trading. You don’t have to do anything at all, just collect your profits.


The RoFx algorithm

The algorithm behind the RoFx works with the basis of candlesticks, Fibonacci and fractal trading, plus the experience of thousands of hours monitoring currency patterns. The software tries to identify opportunity patterns 24/5 in real time across many markets.

RoFx safe investments

One of the cornerstone features in the RoFx robot is the loss coverage characteristic. As the system has more profitable days than negative, you will have more chances to make money than to lose it. Yes, but at the top of it, RoFx also offers loss coverage to protect clients money.

Rofx keeps eliminates most trading charges

This service has attractive profit returns daily, monthly or depending on the package duration selected. Further benefits like a simple user interface, attractive bitcoin prices and vast deposit/withdrawal methods set it apart from other slightly similar offers you can find in the market. Furthermore, once you sign up with, there are no hidden charges and levies that are tied to traditional accounts. This broker charges no withdrawal fees, deposit commissions and other costs that usually run down your profits on normal manual trading.

RoFx trading report


So, does RoFx make money on forex? According to the published reports yes. Actually, the RoFx software is one of the few robots that post its results in real time and with a backed track record in Myfxbook.

In the last 10 years, RoFx has an average of 93.18% annual return, including an astonishing  109.21% gain since July 30, 2018, reported by myfxbook with the RoFx verified track record.

So, how to make money in forex without actually trading? Bet on the RoFx robot, a forex investment with guaranteed returns. Yes, automated forex trading rocks!

Three easy steps to trade with the RoFx robot

  1. Open an account and fill out the information
  2. Deposit your money and fund your account
  3. Let RoFx works and don’t forget to get your profits!

How to open an account with RoFx

Do you want to make money on Forex? So, you would want to open an account with RoFx. Here we will talk about how to create a membership and to start investing money with this revolutionary robot.

  1. Open a free account: Go to the website and study all the features and documents that the team is providing to you. There will be able to read how the robot works, its performance, and reviews from previous customers.

Then, if you are comfortable with the information, please kindly click on the Open Free Account button at the top right of the website.

 Open a free account RoFx

  1. Fill out the form and register your account: After clicking on the new account button, please add all the information requested including your email and phone number. Note that your phone number is required as the RoFx team will send you a code to your phone that will help you to complete your registration.

Then, click on register free account.

Fill out the form and register your account ROFX



  1. Login into your account: After creating your account, you will get a confirmation email and a text message with your password to enter into your account. Click on the link provided in the email and then add the password they sent you to your cell phone.Login into your account ROFX
  2. Know the platform: Once you are inside the platform, please do your homework and try every single aspect of the interface. Test everything, read everything and know the purpose of each feature. If you have doubts, please open the chat box in the lower right corner in the page.
  3. Fund your account: After knowing all the features in the platform, please click on Package and select the way you want the robot to trade for you. Set your preferences and fund your account. Remember that RoFx has several ways to deposit money in the account.
  4. Relax and wait for your profits: Every day RoFx will send you an email with the performance of your account. You will be able to withdraw money every day, put it to work as part of your capital or just let it there waiting for your decision.

Is RoFx safe or another scam artist?

Let’s talk about facts here. RoFx is a reliable and trustable robot that has a solid track record backed by one of the most reputable websites in the Forex industry:

Myfxbook is an online automated analytical tool and social forex community that tracks real accounts of all its clients. It shows authentic performances, not made up charades.

Usually, companies and forex experts use Myfxbook to show their performance so they can attract clients for their services.

RoFx has a verified account in Myfxbook with a track record that is also verified after comparing the “data to data coming directly from the broker using an investor password.”

The software also has verified trading privileges with Myfxbook. “Trading privileges are verified when the trader opens a pending order with a key provided by Myfxbook or the investor password is changed to a password provided by Myfxbook.”

Myfxbook tracks RoFx trading performance, demonstrating real-time trading and verified results.

RoFx has been in the market since 2009 and has over 30,000 satisfied customers. Trading statistics prove it, and even though we all can lose money, the stop-loss system is set to minimize risks on bad days.

In addition, RoFx and its team behind the software guarantee the safety of your funds. “This means that when the company suffers a loss its customers make no profit, and any losses are compensated from the reserve fund of the company.”

The company aims for a transparent robot development and relationship with its partners, that why you can monitor the work of the robot in real time in your demo and real accounts. Also, you will be able to withdraw profits from day one.

The company is fully licensed, you can request information about this matter any time. That being said, RoFx charges a performance fee as any other respectable business does.

So, long story short, RoFx is safe, and you can invest money with the company. The track record and customers’ reviews are our base.

Of course, here in RoFx, we recommend you to do your homework and research about not only RoFx but any other company you are interested in. Your savings are the most critical thing in the investment market, so you and your family future are safe.

RoFx a verified and trustable Forex robot that makes money for you

So, is RoFx a trustable investment tool where you can put your money? According to the most trustable websites in the Forex market, the answer is yes.

However, that answer should come from you. Are you feeling comfortable with RoFx as we are? If your answer is yes, then, go ahead and open an account.

RoFx is a verified robot with a real track record that accumulates 10 years of profits with an average of 10% monthly ROI. It is cheap also because it keeps most trading charges down.

It is the best money-making service that will provide you with a stable passive income and will help you to reach your financial independence and stability. RoFx charges a small percentage fee, but the company guarantees the safety of your deposits.

RoFx’s reserve fund covers negative results of trading. Also, most important, it is 100% confidentiality!

Finally, an average of 10% monthly profit in the last 10 year would be enough reasons to at least give a try to RoFx. The company is not promising a million dollar, but a steady verify performance. See it, and try it; it is your turn now. Will Make Money for You on the Forex Market
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