Do not know how to invest $100k in 2019? – is the answer

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When you look at where to invest $100,000, there are plenty of options available. They all have their pros and cons to consider. Here at, we have an exciting opportunity to make profit with your money using our advanced automated Forex trading software. But you might wonder how this works and how Forex compares to other investment options – let’s take a look…

Best way to invest $100000 is an automated trading platform in the Forex marketplace. With, you can invest $100,000 in the foreign exchange market without having to spend considerable time learning how actually to trade. The website uses AI programmed algorithms that perform the exchanges on your behalf.

The idea of using AI to conduct trades is growing in popularity for many reasons. For starters, you can trade without prior knowledge of the market or the need to learn how it works. Another significant advantage is that the software doesn’t have a human factor influencing the decisions that it makes – it doesn’t act on emotion, gut instinct or a feeling. Instead, it assesses vast amounts of data, at lightning speed, and makes decisions based on its algorithms.

It is very important that the Rofx system successfully works even with large investments from $100000. After all, many companies do not undertake to maintain such accounts, considering it a great risk. But the intellectual system Rofx not only protects the deposit from subsidence but also successfully works with a yield of 10% per month from the deposit.

How could you invest 100 thousand dollars, except for investments in Rofx? No Forex broker, cryptocurrency exchange, hedge fund or investment fund will give such guarantees that are provided in the project Rofx.

Advantages of

It gives you an insight into why automated trading platforms are the way forward when considering a $100,000 investment – but what makes stand out from the crowd? is one of the original automated trading platforms, meaning that the AI inside the website has a lot of experience behind it. It might not seem necessary, but it is – AI learns as it conducts trades so, the longer it has been trading the more experience it will gain, and the more they will learn. A history of successful trades, over the course of a few years, shows that the software is mature, educated and experienced.

Then there are the ways that the website ensures the process is smooth and easy to use. The interface is designed to be user-friendly and not to require any Forex knowledge to understand what is needed. There is an easy to use web wallet built into the site, and it offers free withdrawals to a range of finance options including Visa, Mastercard, and bank transfer. You can also use Bitcoin to fund trades, if this is where your $100K is sat.

Other benefits of include:

  • Impressive trading results: 0.38% average daily or up to 10% monthly profits;
  • The system does not make any failures, as there is an insurance cash fund, which restrains drawdowns (as a result of this, even on rare unprofitable days, the company’s customers earn);
  • One of the best prices for Bitcoin on the market;
  • No downloads – trades are done online through the website;
  • A transfer fee (deposit and withdrawal) is not collected by the company, which is very important for working with large deposits.

This fully automated trading solution means you can quickly and easily start to see the benefits of Forex trading, when looking at the best way to invest $100,000. But how does Forex itself compare against other investment methods?

How to invest 100k to make 1 million

Any experienced investor will tell you that it is impossible to earn 1 million dollars quickly and easily, even if there is a capital of $100K. In private investing, it doesn’t come to the forefront how much you will receive as a result, but how safe, stable and reliable the whole process of cooperation with an investment company will be.

But still, how long does it take to earn it, with $100,000 in your pocket? If we take the average profitability index at ROFX and the VIP package with 15% performance fee, we get the following data. After 270 trading days you can get 85% of the profits. Accordingly, already in 3 years, it is possible to have $1228334 on your account by investing 100k dollars at the beginning! But this is on condition that the funds will be constantly reinvested. If you plan, for example, to keep 50% of your net income, you can earn a million in 6-7 years. You can check this information using our profit margin calculator.

What if invest $100K into something else?

Forex versus real estate

For many years, investors have turned to real estate as a safe investment option. While it is true that real estate is still an excellent way to make a profit, there are factors to consider in comparison to Forex investing.

When it comes to profit levels, the idea of real estate is to buy a piece of land, or property, at one price and sell it later for a higher price. It creates a single, one-off profit if the market is favourable – there is always the risk that factors will move against you, meaning you won’t make a profit from the sale of the property.

The other way to make money from real estate is to rent out the property that you buy. It creates a monthly income that is steady, although factors such as breakdowns, maintenance and or repairs can impact this. There is often the need to use someone to manage the property, or to take the time to do it yourself.

Compared to Forex, real estate can be a long-term investment, with a relative return, or a way to make a small profit each month from rent. Forex, on the other hand, offers the chance to make multiple gains but on a smaller scale, and sometimes on a larger one, as the market is constantly changing. It may be against you one day, and in your favour the next.

Real estate as an asset creates many bureaucratic problems. First, you will need to make out each object also, spend money on a notary and fill in the extra paper. Secondly, the property is taxed. And sometimes tax rates are very high (especially in some European countries). As a result, the entire investment potential is leveled. Besides, apartments, land and country houses have a price subservient to the state of the market. If there is a crisis in the region, the value of real estate falls, regardless of other factors. Are you ready to expose yourself to such risks?

Forex versus stocks

Stocks are another traditional avenue to invest money and remain a good option, but compared to Forex, they are more of a long-term investment. Short term day trading arrived with the introduction of internet, and this is the type of trading seen in Forex, but it is much riskier in many ways.

Another issue is broker commission. In stocks, especially in day trading, broker commission can form quite a large percentage of what you make. With Forex, trades happen within a few minutes, or at most, a 24-hour period. The majority are commission free, or have a small commission charge, so you retain more of the profit.

Other investment options

There remain different ways to invest your $100K and see some form of profit. A bank account offering a rate of interest on savings will accumulate money over time, but low-interest rates mean a small return, even on more considerable sum of money.
Another option is to invest the money back into your business. It might seem a wise move, but this means that most of your capital then rests in the company. If something unexpected happens, and your business experiences difficulties, this could see all your money wiped out.

Conclusion offers a reliable approach to investing your money with reasonable rates of return, and a simple to use the method. Forex trading can be fun, and many people dabble as a hobby. For serious investors, it offers the chance of a good return, it’s easier to master than stock trading and it allows you to focus your attention elsewhere, while the automated trading takes place.

Bottom line

Looking for advice on what is the best way to invest $100,000? offers the option of entirely automated Forex trading with loss guarantee and better returns than other investment options.

Do not know how to invest $100k in 2019? – is the answer
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