Invest Your Bitcoins into Forex Trading

Do you have a substantial amount of Bitcoins that you have just kept in a token wallet and do not plan to use in a while? Are you ‘hodling’ your Bitcoins waiting for them to appreciate in value but still feel that the assets can be used to generate even more money fast and hustle-free? You should consider finding a way to grow your bitcoin assets through the forex trade. You have the options to invest the assets yourself or register for a trading service that will yield a high profit (High-Profit Trading).

How do you invest in the forex market using bitcoin assets and actually make sure and sustainable profits really quick?

A lot comes into play when you want to invest your bitcoin and keep on earning predictable monthly or daily profits. First of all, the forex market is very volatile and needs you to have some good understanding of the market forces and market trends in order to make money while trading on your own. It is recommended that you do some practice for about a year until there is a steady trading-system formed and from then on, you would invest bitcoin and earn profits without risking your investment too much in a new venture. However, you do not need to trade on your own in order to make a kill on the assets markets.

ROFX advantages

There are automated bitcoin trading services that can help you downsize the time you need to learn and trade the markets. A lot of the automated trading services provide you with signals and trade recommendations so that you do not have to be the one doing all the analysis and identifying when to swap bitcoins for another forex currency pair. Each of these tools offers different interesting benefits that would suit different kinds of investors. It is always recommended that a user studies all the facts regarding a service and invests with more knowledge about the safety of his investment.

Rofx – bitcoin investment platform

Rofx is a very robust service that offers investors to make bitcoin online investment in a safe service that guarantees the security of your money and still offers very attractive returns on every trading day. Furthermore, the standout feature in the service is that you will never have to carry out any of the trading on your own. All that you are left to do is just decide when you want to withdraw your profits or make more investments. It’s a truly hands free method of earning mega bucks by putting your bitcoin assets to use instead of keeping it in a wallet waiting for bitcoin prices to rise.

Rofx has some of the most straight forward Bitcoin investment packages for forex trading

With Rofx, all that one has to do is select an investment package and make the deposit to start earning profits. There are 5 different packages each with their own unique profit sharing percentage for your liking, with the gold and VIP packages offering the highest returns and the least performance fees charged.

Some of the packages available at Rofx for you to invest using bitcoin are:

1. Trial – This trial package is for investors who want to deposit amounts between BTC 0.05 and BTC 0.25. It is the first stop for budget investors who want to run it for a period of 50 trading days and see how the plan works. It offers you 40% of the trading profit made for the day and the performance fee is 50%.

2. Easy start – The ‘Easy Start’ package is tailored for investors that will deposit amounts ranging between 0.25 BTC and 0.5 BTC. With this package, the investor’s share of the daily trading profit is 60% while the remaining 40% is what is kept as the performance fee. It runs for a 70 trading day period.

3. Money maker – The money maker package is ideal for investors who want to make faster profits on deposits between 0.50 BTC and 2.50 BTC. This trading package runs for 270 trading days. The trader gets 75% of the trading day’s profit as his share while the performance fee for the service is 25%.

4. Gold – The gold package is aimed at investors that want to deposit amounts between 2.50 BTC and 5.00 BTC. With the gold package, an investor also enjoys the profits over a period spanning 270 trading days. The share of the profits for the trading day is 85% and the performance fee is 15%.

5. VIP – The VIP package is the most rewarding in terms of the share of the day’s trading profits. The package offers 95% returns on the trading day’s profit and only charges 5% of the share as the performance fee. You need a minimum 5.00 BTC in order to subscribe for this package and there is no limit to the amount you can invest.

Rofx is the best place to invest bitcoin and make more money first by the appreciation of the cryptocurrency’s value and secondly; from the profits that you will be making from the daily trading it against other currency pairs. You will rarely come across another service that can make you a minimum of 0.4% daily and still guarantees that you will never register a negative trading profit for the day. That is exclusively possible with this amazing service because of the ‘loss coverage’ feature.

The loss coverage feature that is offered to all bitcoin investors who subscribe for rofx packages works by refunding each account at the end of the day if there was ever a negative trade balance at the end of each trading day. The funds are reimbursed from a large pool of funds that are drawn from Rofx own capital and not you as the investor.

You can now make quick deposits without having to pay up the transaction costs or get some percentage cut form your transactions every time you want to withdraw your profits. You are assured of getting very good value for your bitcoin because the service has the most competitive BTC prices you can find on the market.

Invest Your Bitcoins into Forex Trading
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