How to Multiply Your Bitcoins in One Month

The world of forex trading and bitcoin trading has continued to thrive and with that, a number of millionaires are being created every day. Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency has itself gained tremendous acceptance globally and this makes it remain on the upward trend in terms of the BTC’s value. The puzzle for many people has however been whether to keep the bitcoins they already have, buy fresh ones, mine new ones or trade the existing ones in the forex market to multiply BTC holdings faster. How can one make much more money using bitcoin?

How to multiply bitcoins

Can you make much with faucets?

One stressful thing about using a Bitcoin faucet though is that you may take ages before you make enough money to buy as little as a cup of tea. Even the most rewarding faucets will give you less than a dollar’s worth of BTC for a lot of work done in a week. They are just an “excellent” way to keep you thinking that you are earning money for visiting a website and reading some stories, interacting in a forum or playing browser games. Yes, they do actually give you BTC but they are not anything close to a good way to make and grow your bitcoin assets really fast. You will not have many options if you want to invest BTC 5.00 in a faucet and get it to increase by more than 10% to 20% in a couple of weeks.

Mining gets more difficult as more bitcoins develop

When bitcoins first emerged, most of the people owned them by first mining them. Bitcoin mining is just the scientific process through which recent bitcoin transactions are added into an electronic ledger (block) and then complex calculations are done with financial rewards. The puzzle solving process with the intention of getting a financial reward is what sums up what the bitcoin mining process is all about and how people make money from it. The complicated thing about bitcoin mining is that there has been a diminishing reward since the inception of bitcoin mining in 2009 to date. At the moment, you can actually multiply Bitcoins faster from trading them instead of mining them.

Keeping Bitcoin in wallets can grow their value – but is it the best approach?

When the bitcoin is just in a wallet, you only continue to earn or lose money depending on how much the value of the BTC at the specific period. If you have 1 Bitcoin in a wallet and the prevailing value is $15,000. This bitcoin may fluctuate down to $10,000 or may rise to $17,000 but it only depends on the value on the exchange. Just like with currencies, gold or commodities trading, you can actually earn more money by selling (shorting) when the market value of the BTC is falling against the dollar or gold. That is where the problem with wallets comes in.

The buy and hold strategy, also referred to as “Hodling” still works pretty well but bear a greater risk of losing your value if the BTC price drops drastically (like in October 2017). Some exchanges actually have people swapping their bitcoin for gold or other precious commodities like platinum and silver. You should consider trading forex to multiply your bitcoins as you can make larger profit margins without relatively putting your asset value at risk. Have you already considered trading before but you fear that you may not have the financial knowledge to analyze the markets and make the right trades?

Consider looking for a service that will do all that for you!

ROFX advantages

The Rofx service is the perfect solution for you if you want to trade forex using your BTC. Multiply BTC and have your net worth growing without you having to be the one doing all the forex trading and chart analysis. With, all that a Bitcoin investor needs to do is to buy an investment package using BTC and have the service trade and top up your account with a predetermined amount of profit. The sweet thing about this service is that you will never have to worry about running into a loss as the case is with manually trading forex on your own.

Rofx redefines loss-free trading while still yielding high returns for your Bitcoin

Rofx profits are usually deposited daily to your account and there is a reserve fund which will replenish any loss that occurs on your trading days, over the duration of your investment package. This reserve fund is what guarantees that you have a lossless trading possibility for your investment, therefore, your Bitcoin investment in the forex market can only rise in value and can never take you back to the negative. Rofx can get you an average of 0.38% profit per day or up to 12% in a single month.

Rofx is the way to go if you are looking for a high yielding method to multiply bitcoins super quickly without the risk of making a loss.


How to Multiply Your Bitcoins in One Month
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