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Our Mission and Philosophy

The main principle RoFx operates its business is the clients’ interests first, and we seek to earn it every day. Investors` trust and confidence is our most valuable asset. We transform challenges to opportunity, achieving new horizons. Our philosophy helps us strengthen our strategic skills and complex technical services to perform the best technical solutions.

RoFx professionals are passionate about what they do and intensely concentrate on performing at top technical level. We believe that by combining efforts and expertise we make the world a better place to live. This principle highlights our ethics, culture, and integrity.

That’s why RoFx board of directors has developed some charity programs to make its contribution in the Stability and Development of the world.


Educational Program (RoFx Edu Program)

RoFx has developed “Educational Program” for developing countries. RoFx team of software developers, engineers and mathematicians give seminars for children and their parents. They teach math, economy, astronomy, physics, computer engineering, etc. The purpose of these seminars is to evoke interest in science and technology, to inspire research and to develop mathematical mindset and skills.

These are public seminars in the cities where the RoFx program is implemented. Preparation and leadership are provided by best professionals who participated in the creation of RoFx software. This event develops the aptitude for mathematics, computer science, and engineering and gives opportunity to share our mission.

We expect that on these seminars, our little students and their parents will develop analytical thinking, the inspiration for research and passion for science and technology.

Expected Results: Our goal is to increase the numbers of science people for we strongly believe that they improve this world, making it smarter, better and more convenient. We also believe that in long-term strategy this approach will greatly affect people to reduce juvenile delinquency and violence.

Animals and Wildlife Conservation Charity Program (RoFx ACWC Program)

With a mission to save wildlife and wild places around the globe, RoFx has also developed “Animal Charity Program”.  It is dedicated to the protection of wild animals, and to the preservation of wild species and their habitat; RoFx conducts various campaigns on behalf of Animal Charity organizations aimed at wildlife conservation.

RoFx seeks ways to sustain and promote those habitats and species over time. RoFx also strives to educate people about our attitude to marine animals and the ocean. We cooperate with Animal charity organizations all over the globe, the overarching goal of which is to protect and provide needed services to domestic and wild animals, protect pets, and farm animals from abuse and neglect. It absolutely agrees with our philosophy to make the world a better place to live with the help of science and technology.

RoFx is excited about the contributions it makes to charity foundations aimed at improving the lives of wild animals. Since 2011 RoFx monetary donations totaled $700,000 for saving grizzlies, elephants, lions, marine mammals, parrots and eagles. The company also makes a yearly monetary donation of around $350 to various reptile rescue and rehabilitation organizations.

In addition, our scientific division researches ways to improve the quality of our work and conditions. We work to evaluate our efforts and innovate through the creation of new programs and research.

Children in developing countries (RoFx CDC program)

RoFx has a charity program for children, the aim of which is to provide charitable assistance to children and families in developing countries that are suffering from extreme poverty, diseases, and hunger. We provide food, clothing, shelter and medical care, we also provide educational opportunities and hope for the future for thousands of orphans and vulnerable children in Rwanda, Uganda, Sudan and Sierra Leone.

Our Charity Team has found homes for children which provide a safe environment to grow. We are protecting and taking care of the world’s most vulnerable – children, improving their lives worldwide. RoFx has donated medical equipment, food and clothing, computers, school supplies worth almost $500 000.

Education is our top priority. We believe that education is the best investment. When we educate –we make children powerful and enable to build a brighter future and opportunity to succeed. We strive to provide support for children in primary and secondary schools offering scholarships and grants total amount of which is $800 000.