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Is forex trading profitable and worth it? RoFx says: “YES”

Is forex trading profitable? Simply put, there is no easy answer to this question. There are so many moving parts in forex trading that we cannot even begin to describe here. A more useful approach is to look at what is actually happening in the market.

At $4 trillion transacted daily, the forex market is by far the biggest fiscal market in the world. Corporations, banks and private investment funds still dominate the market by far. But there is a lot of space for retail investors to thrive as well. It might sound small but retail volume is estimated at a massive $315 billion.

Forex Markets are Truly Free

There are many advantages to this largest market. One advantage, and it is probably the most important is the fact that the market is so huge no one can manipulate it. But that’s just about the end of the good news.

So, how profitable is forex trading?

Give or take, the average trader loses money in forex. Even the most experienced traders are right only less than half the time. This gives you a glimpse of your chances of success as a newbie.
So, is trading forex worth it?

No doubt, forex trading carries significant risk. It takes several years of practice to gain the requisite skill and a lot of patience and discipline to start raking in profit.

You have to also put a significant investment in time looking at the charts, getting in and out of positions.

The good news is that, with technology, forex trading has been made much easier. Robots like Rofx.net have now made it possible for novices to turn in a profit everyday.

Does not Require Your Intervention

It is now much easier to trade forex. Rofx.net is one of the fully automated forex trading solutions in the market. This is a safe, risk-free and reliable alternative to many online exchanges like Coinbase.

It does not require any input from you at all. Rofx.net is best for people who don’t want to spend time manually analysing the market for trading options. The inbuilt algorithms and neural networks are in hand to place the perfect trade when opportunity presents itself. You do not have to make any intervention.

Until very recently, forex trading was restricted to large corporations, banks and investment funds. These big players still dominate the market. But something has been happening slowly ever since the advent of the internet. Online forex trading has however opened up the market to just about anyone.

So, coming back to the question about forex is trading still profitable? The answer is yes. Solutions like Rofx.net can help you earn decent profit from forex.

Compensation for Losses

Rofx.net actually covers for your losses so you don’t have to worry about losing your money. This is really a vote of confidence on the Rofx.net systems. However well designed a system is, losses are inevitable in this market. The company holds some money in reserve for exactly this purpose.

Intuitive Interface

You do not have to be an expert to use Rofx.net. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. All you have to do is sign up and make your investment and the trading algorithms will immediately take over.

Integrates Artificial Intelligence

Combine the tried and tested algorithms with the power of artificial intelligence. Forex trading can be very dynamic and it takes more than just algorithms to place all that important trade.

Rofx.net is one of the few robots in the market to integrate artificial intelligence in its systems. This means the robot is actively learning and adapting its strategies.

Artificial intelligence is also good for one other thing; taking in and analysing the wide array of information about markets.

The Rofx.net robot can read charts, make calculations and send trading signals much faster. This is a task that can be overwhelming for humans. It can detect the small stuff that a human can easily miss and make all the difference. You can easily how its potential to make money is several times greater.

Daily Profit

Rofx.net has been around for over 9 years. Out of these it has posted an average profit of 0.38% daily or 10% monthly. If you invest $10,000, you expect about $1000 monthly.

Investors for instance made 100.86% profit in 2017 alone. Profits have been rising steadily on the platform from 88% in 2009 to more than 100% in 2017 meaning that the systems are getting even better.

Few investments give such a high return. Rofx.net has been one of the most consistent in the trade when others promising unrealistically high returns have fizzled out. If you are a forex trader, you already know that 0.38% is not just achievable but realistic.

Rofx.net is ideal for people looking for a consistent way to earn a passive income. An automated system helps you eliminate negative but inevitable realities of everyday trading such as outages, systems malfunction, connectivity issues etc.

Life happens and you won’t be sitting everyday in front of a computer screen.

One day Bitcoin Funding

Transaction speeds can present unnecessary headaches. It takes several days to transfer funds from on point to another. You can conveniently fund your account with USD, EUR or Bitcoin. With Rofx.net you can fund your account and start earning profit within a day.


Rofx.net is ideal for new forex traders who are just starting out as well as experienced traders who do not necessarily want to spend time manually analysing trading options. Its loss coverage guarantees easily makes it one of the best robots out there.

Is forex trading profitable and worth it? RoFx says: “YES”
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