Why do traders from all over the world choose the ROFX platform for Forex trading?

According to official statistics, 95% of novice traders face the problem of losing the initial deposit (sooner or later). It happens to lack of experience and some professionalism. You can look over dozens of books, get through online courses and view many videos on exchange trading. You can also fully explore several trading strategies. But in practice, Forex trading also requires an understanding of markets, risk assessment, time management, and money management. Exchange trading cannot be carried out without a full-fledged fundamental or technical analysis.

Therefore, newcomers have to gain experience during 10-20 months, partially losing their deposits. And, as it happens, this can be avoided! In 2009, a group of programmers and traders worked on a project to automate Forex trading. The task was to collect in a single platform profitable trading algorithms that could automatically generate profit. We are talking about the most effective trading strategies that have been tested and optimized in the settings for real trading conditions.

Remember, if you will downloading a simple automated trading robot and set on your Metatrader trading terminal, you will not get any noticeable effect. Incorrect setting of parameters such as Stop Loss, Take Profit, lot size and other will in most cases lead to leak or significant drawdowns.

Therefore, the trader has to gain experience and knowledge by testing different strategies and techniques. Often it is expensive due to drawdown and leak. But today there is an alternative! This is an automated trading platform ROFX.

What is ROFX? How does the service allow you to return lost money to Forex?

Imagine a platform that would allow you to make a profit with Forex without direct trading on the exchange? This is real! ROFX is a system with a thoughtful user interface.
It works as follows:

  1. You go through a simple registration procedure, after which it becomes possible to open an account with the company.
  2. After opening an account, you choose an investment program (the platform is aimed at trading in such positions as BTC, currency pairs, shares of companies).
  3. After when the investment program is activated, the embedded algorithms independently trade for your money under the supervision of specialized financial analysts.
  4. All income from all profitable orders is credit to your account + a deposit is return for each rate made.

The task of the trader is only to analyze the status of trade and, if desired, extract funds.

Why do traders from all over the world choose the ROFX platform for Forex trading?

Many people will say that they cannot 100% trust the trading algorithms, what built on an artificial intelligence system. But how much can you trust your skills and knowledge of the Forex market?

What percentage of the fact you did not notice, some details in the form of an important economic transaction, a sharp reversal of the trend or breakdown of the price channel, when you opened a transaction? Many traders trade according to standard, the same technical indicators, using a parallel economic calendar.
But in the conditions of high volatility, the build-up economical and political crisis, it is very difficult to predict the price movement of assets according to standard features.
ROFX platform uses more than 100 factors, which are combined into a single system. This means that the analysis of the schedule is carried out as accurately as possible, considering the current economic and political situation, based on the news release and the human factor.


ROFX advantages

Using this platform for automated Forex trading, you can defense yourself of the following risks:

  • Bankruptcy of broker, with the result that the deposit / profit will be lost.
  • Errors on the human factor.
  • Delay in payment of the deposit.

This platform works in such a way that your deposit for the selected program is used on a secure system account to trade the most volatile positions. The algorithm can trade short-term or long-term, depending on the tactics used and the trading strategy. More than 120 technical tools, economic calendar data, the ratio of the activity of buyers and sellers (bull and bear bars) are used for the analysis.

General advantages of automated trading on the ROFX platform:

  • Availability of a reserve fund, through which all funds remain safe on remote and secure servers (they can be returned even in case of force majeure).
  • The official status of the platform (the company has been operating since 2010 and has legal grounds for financial activity).
  • Advanced analytics section in your account (you can track statistics on all transactions opened by your account system in real time).
  • 24-hours a day consulting support.
  • Accruing income daily.
  • A wide selection of investment programs for newbies and experienced traders.

A profit margin calculator is always available on site, through which your potential profit will not been classified. Calculate now to be confident in future!

ROFX platform offers to choose one of the following investment programs:

  • Trial (from $ 1000 to $ 5000 investment for 30 calendar days);
  • Easy ($ 5000 – $ 10,000 investment, for 70 trading days);
  • Standard ($ 10,000 – $ 50,000 investment, for 270 trading days);
  • Gold ($ 50,000 – $ 100,000 investment, for 270 trading days);
  • VIP (from $ 100,000 investment without restrictions).

By making investments, you will receive from 40% to 80% of the daily profit of the entire system (in proportion to your deposit). ROFX is the only opportunity to avoid risks and start to trade profitably on Forex!

Why do traders from all over the world choose the ROFX platform for Forex trading?
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