RoFx Annual report 2009

The RoFx long-term mission is to make Forex trading easy for our clients in order to meet their highest investment challenges. We applied collective resources of our organization from all over the world: the top brains of the industry combined their deep capital markets experience, risk management and consultative capabilities and software developing and engineering in order to make the best robot on the trading market. This is the basic principle of RoFx that highlights our ethics, culture, and integrity. Read more here.

  • In February 2009 RoFx has launched the robot trading with own funds. Test period duration took almost 6 months.
  • In July 2009 we attracted 100 more investors with $200 000 of investments
  • In October 2009 150 more investors joined RoFx with $350 000 of investments
  • During the fourth quarter, we continued improving the robot`s settings and algorithms hiring the best engineers, developers and consulting the best traders globally.
  • We ended the year with over 200 consultants in 9 countries operating to make our robot settings perfect.
RoFx Annual report 2009
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