RoFx Annual Report 2010

Since January 2010 the RoFx robot has been started demonstrating stable positive trading dynamics. This means that the number of successful bids significantly exceeds the number of unprofitable ones. RoFx has invented unique globally integrated platform and decided to grant access to the RoFx signals to the public. With this unique solution, we aim to invite investments and thus increase the company’s working capital.

  • In February 2010 RoFx has already started to pay dividends to its investors regularly and reliably.
  • In May 2010, we launched additional data center to coordinate technical stuff, product management, business development and client service to ensure the robot trouble-free operation and upgraded algorithms.
  • By September, 2010 RoFx attracted 650 more investors with $950 000 of investments
  • During the year we streamlined the processes more broadly, engaged and empowered our talented professionals, bringing robots settings to perfection. We`ve made steady progress implementing our unique invention.
  • We ended 2010 with strong financial results. Thanks to financial discipline and the hard work of many employees, much of our integration work is behind us. RoFx high net worth investors totaled $1.5 million, up 57,9% versus year-end 2009.
RoFx Annual Report 2010
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