RoFx Annual Report 2012

The investment climate in 2012 is quite challenging, but RoFx talented team makes all its efforts to help investors achieve better financial results, as we have always sought to deliver exceptional long-term value to our clients. We state that despite financial crisis the number of satisfied investors grow exponentially.

  • RoFx software engineers improved the stop-loss system that decreased costs $130 000
  • In May 2012 our team consists of 500 talented professionals – the RoFx greatest asset – who are totally devoted to our principles and mission – Passion to technology and Innovation
  • First VIP investors and the board of directors meeting was held in Bahamas
  • In November 2012 RoFx saluted its 2000 investor
  • As of December 2012 dividend payouts for our investors totaled $3 million
RoFx Annual Report 2012
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