RoFx Annual Report 2013

The main principle RoFx operates its business is the clients’ interests first, and we seek to earn it every day. Investors` trust and confidence is our most valuable asset. We implement numerous innovations that help us bring the best service to our investors. RoFx professionals are passionate about what they do and intensely concentrate on performing at top technical level. Profitable trading algorithms deployment is a challenge we have accepted.

  • The most valued innovation for 2013 is neural networks – the unique software product owned by RoFx. Using the distributed computing technology, the neural networks have enough power to recognize complex multidimensional patterns in a vast amount of data flows. The RoFx algorithm processes and analyzes large bulks of data, based on the processed data, the neural networks generate trading signals for our customers who no longer need any special skills, knowledge, or experience. With RoFx neural networks, Forex trading and profit making becomes so easy!
  • RoFx started February 2013 with 12 investment and technical centers across the globe and more than 500 professionals
  • In June 2013 we attracted 100 more investors with $200 000 of investments
  • In October 2013 150 more investors joined RoFx with $350 000 of investments
  • In December 2013 dividend payouts for our investors totaled $5 million
  • We ended the year 2013 with great financial results. Since 2010, RoFx has outperformed their relative benchmarks by 17%.
RoFx Annual Report 2013
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