RoFx Annual Report 2014

Year 2014 has brought some changes to Strategic Planning and Product Management. We identified key financial market trends to innovate our strategies and tactics, reorganized and managed processes and reviewed robot settings and algorithms systematically to help ensure that they meet the needs of our investors and the high standards we strive for. Some changes also occurred in the Board of Directors and core technical stuff, but we continue bringing our investors high-quality service to ensure the best financial results.

  • In 2014 the core of new technical stuff is focused on strengthening robot settings, decreasing operating costs integration, planning of multiple investment strategies and complex services to deliver result-oriented solutions.
  • RoFX continued to extend its geographic presence, attracting more and more global investors
  • In December 2014 dividend payouts for our investors totaled $5 million, remaining at last year’s level but still satisfying key performance indicators.
RoFx Annual Report 2014
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