RoFx Annual Report 2016

In 2016 RoFx celebrates 7 years with 17 investment teams in 13 countries and 23 000 investors all over the world. We celebrate 7 years of trust and professional growth, striving more and more to earn and maintain our investor’s needs. We`ve accepted the challenge of 2014 and have transformed it to opportunity, thus achieving new investment horizons. Owing to our philosophy we have strengthened our strategic skills, multiple investment strategies planning and complex services to perform the best technical solutions.

  • 23 000 happy investors all over the world. 113 VIP and 340 Gold members.
  • 17 investment teams in 13 countries
  • 7 operational offices and data centers, 13 24/7 call centers all over the world
  • Dividend payouts for 7 years totaled $1, 75 Billion
  • With more than $2.1 billion investment under management, we ensure safety, security, and clarity to our investors
RoFx Annual Report 2016
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