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RoFX Annual Report: What Was Done During 2009?

RoFX Annual Report: What Was Done During 2009?

It was our first year. It was extremely challenging, hard-working and successful. Actions (numbers) speaks louder than words:

  • In February 2009 RoFx has launched the fully automated trading system with own funds. Test period duration took almost 6 months.
  • In July 2009 we attracted 100 more investors with $200 000 of investments
  • In October 2009 150 more investors joined RoFx with $350 000 of investments
  • During the fourth quarter, we continued improving the robot`s settings and algorithms hiring the best engineers, developers and consulting the best traders globally.
  • We ended the year with over 200 consultants in 9 countries operating to make our robot settings perfect.


RoFx Team

“With RoFX I`ve become a part of a high-tech business, which works efficiently without any effort. It gives me extra time for my business and of course – extra money. Additionally, it is a protection of my money from inflation – I`ve invested in a pair dollar/Bitcoin and this the smartest thing I ever did!”
RoFX Annual Report: What Was Done During 2009?
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