RoFx Launched RoFx Edu Program

RoFx Launched RoFx Edu Program

RoFx has developed “Educational Program” for developing countries. RoFx team of software developers, engineers and mathematicians gives seminars for children and their parents. They teach Math, Economy, Astronomy, Physics, Computer Engineering, etc. The purpose of these seminars is to evoke interest in science and technology, to inspire research and to develop mathematical mindset and skills.

These are public seminars in the cities where the RoFx program is implemented. Preparation and leadership are provided by best professionals who participated in the creation of RoFx software. This event develops the aptitude for Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering and gives opportunity to share our mission.

We expect that on these seminars, our little students and their parents will develop analytical thinking, the inspiration for research and passion for science and technology.

Expected Results: Our goal is to increase the numbers of science people. We strongly believe that they improve this world, making it smarter, better and more convenient. We also believe that in long-term strategy this approach will greatly affect people to reduce juvenile delinquency and violence.


RoFx Team

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RoFx Launched RoFx Edu Program
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