Why RoFx.net is the Best Trading Software for Forex

If you were to go back in time and visit a Forex trade a couple of decades ago, you would be shocked at the difference. It was hard for people to start up in the industry without specific training and knowledge, the software was slow, hard to use and very hands on. The modern world of Forex trading is very different, and in league with the new style of trading platforms and trading tools are ROFX.net. But what makes it the best automated Forex trading software?

Best online robot trading software

ROFX.net offers an alternative experience to their users – the ability to enjoy automated trading. The website provides automated Forex trading software that means anyone, regardless of experience or training, can invest in the Forex market. Not only can anyone get involved, but the opportunity to make money on the site is higher compared to other types of software for trading, where the emphasis is heavily on the human factor.

ROFX.net is operated by a team of traders and software developers and isn’t new to the world of currency trading software. In fact, we launched our first robot back in 2009 and started testing it immediately. Since then, the robots have made more successful trades than losses, showing the benefits of automated trading for everyone.

Online algorithmic trading software

The reason why ROFX.net is the best real-time trading software is that it uses some complicated algorithms to help decide what trades to make. These algorithms are programmed into the ROFX robot so that it continually learns; that’s why ‘machine learning’ plays a big part in the software standing out from its competitors.

The automation factor also means that anyone who wants to start Forex trading can use the platform. Usually, the top day trading software platforms require a certain level of experience within Forex trading to use successfully. With ROFX, anyone can start exchanging and learning skills as they go – the website is open to everyone. In fact, the site now sees over 20,000 people around the world using it for trading both large and small.

Other levels of protection

The software has a high number of positive reviews from people who have successfully used it for their trading activities. One of the reasons for these positive software reviews is the protections built into ROFX.net.

Top of the list of these is the stop-loss system. It minimalizes losses on a bad day. Also, the company doesn’t use leverage – this means they do not borrow money and the trades only take place using customer funds and the capital of the company itself. It significantly lowers the risk and allows ROFX.net to guarantee the safety of your resources. If the company suffers a loss, clients make no profit – but they don’t take a loss either. The losses are compensated for by the reserve fund held by the company.

Why use automated Forex trading?

There are lots of reasons why to start trading through an automated platform. Top of the list is that you can exchange when you are asleep, at work or be relaxing in front of the TV because the software handles the heavy lifting for you. It might not seem a big deal, but Forex trading often takes place at funny times of the day and night depending on the markets – but using automation means you don’t need to be there to handle it in person.

Once you join ROFX.net, you can also access plenty of stats and information on the trades that the robots make. It means that the process while being automated, allows you to understand what is going on. It is great to learn about Forex trading as well as taking part in it and it will enable you to learn from the robot and what it does.

Automation also means you don’t need to learn a lot to start trading. No courses, studies, hours reading books or studying other traders. Sure, you can still do these things, and this will help you better understand the market and the many factors affecting it. But you can start without any of this and still make a profit by allowing the ROFX.net robots to do the work.

Finally, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on your trading. While many people make it a full-time profession, there are just as many part-time traders who spend what time they have spare in their secondary profession. It is a little like a hobby (only one using real money), and the use of automated software means you don’t need to spend a severe amount of time at it to make a return.

Start your trading experience today

ROFX.net offers a smooth start to your trading experience with minimum risks and the chance to make a profit from your first day – if the first day is a profitable one! You can quickly make back the funds you invest, and the website offers complete transparency with no hidden fees and a deposit security guarantee system to further protect your cash. There is even 24/7 support line available through live chat which allows you to speak to the people behind the robots to deal with any queries or questions you might have.
So, why not start your trading experience today and try out the best-automated Forex trading software available on the market!

Why RoFx.net is the Best Trading Software for Forex
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