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The Forex trading is both the fast-paced and continually evolving industry that is growing in popularity. With the increased accessibility, thanks to the Internet, more people than ever are trying their hand at trading. We are striving to help people become successful in their trades. Here’s how we envision our future.

Market leaders

One of the most pivotal challenges with Forex is the credibility of trading platforms. Many of them have great success early on and then dissolve within no time. We have already been around a lot longer than our competitors – the first robot has been created and tested in real trading back in 2009. The next year, our robots began demonstrating positive trading dynamics, and we knew we devised the proper tactics to reach our aim. We eagerly proceeded to escalate to our success and become market leaders in the automated Forex trading.
More than 30 000 people from all around the world are trading with the RoFx, and our Robot has generated more successful bids than unsuccessful ones. We guarantee the safety of the initial deposit and the margin our patrons attain by averting the probable losses the robot might incur.

Raising funds with ICO

The RoFx company also employs the modern way to raise money – ICO. It enables clients to invest in our platform via Initial Coin Offering, providing units of cryptocurrency or a crypto-token in exchange against cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Hence, we are giving an opportunity for our customers to not only make an advantage of our robot, getting passive profit, but also benefit from our Tokens that are rising in value.

Bring affordable AI to all

The use of robot algorithms has shown the great potential for AI. We adhere to the idea of developing other AI-based products and ensuring they are affordable for the mass market. We endeavor to take what we have already contrived and apply it in order to dazzle clients with our trading performance.