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BTCUSD – Bitcoin vs US Dollar


News of Bitcoin is everywhere these days, and there are three major reasons for that:

  1. All cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology, and are currently going through a surge in popularity, comparable to that of the Gold Rush of the mid-nineteenth century.
  2. The major cryptocurrencies are purchased heavily during the crowdfunding stages of numerous blockchain-based startups.
  3. There’s an increased demand for this currency, which translates to rapid price movements, e.g. Bitcoin’s price has increased by 300% this year, while Ether’s price has skyrocketed by 5000%.

After analysing these numbers you’ll likely not be surprised to learn that we’re not offering a high degree of leverage on these new instruments – although we’re still offering you a bit of extra buying power with a leverage of 1:5 on Bitcoin

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Bitcoin news
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